What do i need to have ready for you to template my shower door?

We require that all tile work is completed prior to our arrival. In order for us to guarantee a custom tailored shower door, we must template after this work is done. We are able to identify any outages in the walls, floor, and ceiling.

What do i need to have ready for you to template my mirror?

If your mirror is going on a backsplash, it is important to have it completed prior to our arrival. For the same reasons as shower doors, it gives us the ability to custom fit our mirrors into your home. If the mirror is going on a counter top, and is acting as your backsplash, we need the counter top installed.

Does my 10mm shower require a header?

In a lot of cases you can avoid using a header for your custom shower, and we can help you to work that out. There are some shower configurations that will always require a header and we will also notify you of that.

Will regal install a shower using only silicone?

10mm showers can be a large investment towards your home. We only want to sell a product that we can put our name behind. Nothing else in your home is installed with just silicone or glue, so why should your shower door? It is our policy to always use some form of mechanical fastners (channel, clamps, or header). This allows us to guarantee a shower that will have integrity for many years to come!

what should i use to clean my glass?

It is our recommendation to avoid using any cleaners with ammonia. This can flake off the silvering of your mirror. Instead, use an ammonia free glass cleaner, or a solution with lemon mixed with with water. This can remove the calcium/hard water stains. Never use an abrasive cleaner, as this can cause permanent damage to your glass! Regular use of a squeegee can keep your shower looking great! For a low maintenance solution for cleaning your glass, talk to your sales associate about EC5 coating.

What kind of warranty do i get?

All of products come standard with a 1 year warranty.

What do i need to do to prepare for my glass installation?

Remove all items from your shower stall. Have all children and pets in a secure place during the installation. Our trained staff have exceptional handling skills, but its important to control these variables to keep people and property safe from damages.

What do i need to do to prepare for my shelving installation?

Please have all clothing, as well as any other items removed from your closets. This will help us to complete our work and nullify the odds of damages to your property. It also helps us to vacuum your newly organized closets afterwards.